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Media Software

Software I use for video, photo, and music projects and editing.

Some of these programs must be purchased, but are well worth it. I have had some of them for a few years, so there may be new and improved versions out there.

For the programs that are free downloads, keep in mind that sites will often use the install process to try to load junk software or even viruses onto your computer. Always make sure you download from a trustworthy source, and check each step to make sure you are only selecting to download the program you want.


Video Programs:

Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum Version 11 from Sony Creative Software Inc. —

Computer disk, purchase required. Copyright 2011.

This program is for editing video productions. It is a timeline setup that allows you to insert video or music clips at any point on the timeline and move them as desired. You can create additional tracks for more media, as well as split clips at any point, move them to different tracks, and manually create custom-length fades/transitions between them or at the beginning/end. Can also manually work out pan/zoom effects or “stretch” each clip fast-mo or slow-mo. Program comes with built-in video effects, sound effects (settings not clips), transitions, and title/text generators. Also has a nice screenshot feature. Many options for format in which to save/publish production.

Considerations: This program is ideal if you want the ability to customize all the effects in your production, since almost everything must be adjusted manually. I have found it invaluable for timing clips and effects to match music exactly in music videos. On the other hand, if you don’t want to do all the detail work, you might not care for it. Also, it can be a little complicated learning how to access all the features and how they work. I would recommend using the built-in tutorial option to get an idea of how to do basic stuff, and then just play around and experiment. I learn something new with every music video I make.

Another note: Sony Creative Software is no longer selling this program on their website, but instead directs to Movie Studio 13, which I assume is the newest version of this program. I don’t know what this version is like or how it is different from VMS HD Platinum 11, so you may consider researching that. You can still order VMS on other sites; right now Amazon is offering it new from $23.09 plus shipping here.

Free YouTube Download from DVDVideoSoft —

Free download from dvdvideosoft.com.

This program allows you to download YouTube videos to your computer for free by pasting the video’s URL into the program. It allows you to download without conversion or convert to original or economy quality AVI, WMV, MP4, or MP3 in the download process. Options include customizable file output (MP4, FLV, and WebM), what’s included in the file name, the ability to save or clear history, and a lot more. When pasting a video from a playlist, you can choose to download the whole playlist (just make sure the notify setting is checked in Options if you don’t want to download the playlist automatically).

I have found this program to be generally reliable and easy to use, and the resulting videos are good quality. Another plus is the installer does not attempt to load junkware or malware. The capability to download YouTube videos opens up a world of possibilities, but I am required to warn you that it should be for personal use only.


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