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Useful Sites

Where do you go for media info? (Besides here, of course)

IMDB at imdb.com — Provides more technical info on a movie/show, including date, genre, rating, cast & crew, photos, brief synopsis, and overall rating from site users. Also gives actor/actress bios (some more detailed than others) and credits. Incredibly useful if you want to find out the name of an actor in a film or whether you have, in fact, seen him before in another film.

Wikipedia at wikipedia.org — Despite the fact that you can’t use it as a source for your research paper, Wikipedia is handy for finding information about movies, TV shows, actors, and performers. As a plus, if it exists, there is almost certainly an article about it. On the downside, the information and level of detail in each article depends on the writer.


Writer’s Helps:

Thesaurus.com at thesaurus.com — Can’t remember the exact word you’re looking for? Want a different way to laugh, smile, or run? This online thesaurus provides a host of synonyms and close matches to help you make your writing vivid and precise. See the related site Dictionary.com at dictionary.reference.com for a free online dictionary.

The Editor’s Blog at theeditorsblog.net — For lots of helpful tips on how to be a better writer and the different components of writing (especially fiction writing), visit this blog. The author knows her stuff and presents her topics in a clear and understandable way.

 The Write Practice at thewritepractice.com — Different writers provide articles on how to write, inspiration to write, and practical methods to practice and improve your writing. You can even sign up for free email updates to channel daily motivation to your inbox!

Mithril and Mages at mithrilandmages.com — Your characters need names, and so do your places. This site provides a name generator for medieval and modern people names as well as city, street, restaurant, and boat names, and much more. It uses actual existing or historical names, not made-up ones, for a higher level of authenticity.

The Naque for Unique Names at unique-names.com — If you’re writing some fanciful fiction and are looking for made-up names, look no further. This site allows you to mix up to five words to create new names using words/names on the site or words of your choice.

Wikipedia at wikipedia.org — If you want to gain a basic understanding of a topic like a medical condition or the way something works, Wikipedia can give you enough info for a realistic approach in your writing.


Fun Sites:

GoToQuiz at gotoquiz.com — What stereotype are you? How much do you like bacon? Which hobbit from Lord of the Rings are you most like? How much do you really know about Star Wars? Find out the answers here. If you think you could make a better quiz, go ahead and make it here for free!

FanFiction at fanfiction.net — Do you wish there was a sequel to your favorite movie or more episodes of your favorite show? (BBC Sherlock fans, this means you!) Wonder what it would be like if a book had turned out a little differently? Want a little more insight into your favorite characters’ thoughts and backstory? This site gives you access to millions of stories other people have written based on books, movies, TV shows, cartoons, comics, games, musicals, and more. (No explicit content allowed, but you will need to use discretion. Also, quality of writing is all over the board, so it may take a little searching to find a writer you like, but it’s worth it.)



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